All profits from purchases made on our site go to a charity of your choosing. Below are live totals of donations made to date. Thank you for sharing hope with your cause.

"Sharing hope is the unique gift in every spirit to believe that no suffering is in vain, to believe that a new light will come and to spread that light amongst those who are not yet strong enough to see it."
Sharing hope means being able to raise the vibration of every soul enough to create a consciousness that tells the world, “there is always Hope”. Sharing hopes means growing the light of hope in each of us and then giving it to others in ways in which they can receive it and understand that hope is never lost.
Sharing hope means using whatever resources we have to send a msg into the hands of the hopeless that touches their heart and says, “I might not be able to solve all your problems, but I can give you the gift of hope!”
When you Share All My Hopes and ask others to Share All My Hopes, the vibration of Hope grows and the more people who Share All My Hopes there are, they give Hope the gist of a voice that can be heard across cultures, distances, languages and all other barriers thy divide humanity. And it doesn’t stop there, when you Share All My Hopes, that voice of hope warms a heart and reverberates right back at you as Love. A Loving World is all we need, so Share All My Hopes...

There is a world that is filled with love, there is a world in which every gentle breeze is a breath of fresh air carrying the hope of a better, brighter day for someone out there. There is a world where a person somewhere in dark place is warmed by a smile because someone who they may never meet cared enough so share themselves with them through a message of hope.

Sizing Guide

Merino size chart

This size chart is intended for reference only. Sizes can vary between brands.

Label size India UK Bust
(in inches)
(in inches)
XS XS 4-6 32 26
S S 8-10 34 28
M M 12-14 36 30
L L 16-18 39 33
XL XL 20 42 36
XXL XXL 22 44 38